Thursday, June 9, 2011

24 weeks!

Holy cow! I think I've said this before, but wow... it is going by so fast, and so slow, all at the same time.
I've been meaning to post pictures since our anatomy scan... and I am going to be that type of person who posts their baby's parts online. Probably makes me a bad mom already, butttttt you'll all just have to get over it ;)

So... picture #1, not the greatest profile since he insisted on having one hand in front of his chin, and the other by his forehead... but still very cute. I love his little nose and lips... and all of him :)

Next picture... yup, I'm doing it. Here's his boy parts.

And, finally, here is a new belly picture. Taken just moments ago in fact. Definitely moving past the "maybe she's just getting fat" phase of pregnancy.

I've been feeling pretty good. School is OUTTT FORRR SUMMMAAAA, so that's always nice. What's not so nice... the fact that at this point I don't have a job lined up for Fall. Someday I hope that education will be a priority again, and that teachers will have jobs... and classrooms won't have 35 students in them... anddddd that's another story.

Back to how I'm feeling in regards to pregnancy:
Sleep - Crappy... but what else is new
Energy - Not much, but not the horrible exhaustion that it was. Easier now that I can sleep in :)
Mind - Pretty much broken, I can't think or concentrate,and I hear it doesn't get better. Fun.

How's the baby? Well, I can only assume from his NON STOP movements that he's doing well. I still freak out EVERY day that something bad will happen, but I want to believe this is real. Maybe once he's here I'll know it's real... although I guess I know I won't ever stop worrying...

I've got more to write... including a post about the baby shower that my class threw for me, that was the CUTEST thing EVER!! EVER! But, I want to sleep now.

Bye Lovelies :)

My Aunt Jane Knows More Than My RE ----- I stole this from C :D

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