Friday, August 28, 2009

IUI #1 (and hopefully only)

So, here is something I never thought I'd say, let alone every be excited to say...

Today I was inseminated with donor sperm... and I am ecstatic! Actually it has been a rush of many different emotions, but mostly I've been happy.

Here we go... the details of


We got to the appointment promptly at 8:30, with our huge tank of potential baby in hand. They called us in pretty quickly which was nice, since I was starting to get anxious. The process was pretty interesting. We went with Nurse BB into what Pat later told me was hem... "specimen collection" room, lol... I was wondering why there was a chair and a tv in there... but anyway, we went in, and Nurse BB went over our personal info, and looked at our IDs. Then she took the tank out of the box, and opened it... this is where I started to feel like my life was a science fiction movie. Smoke poured out of the tank, it was very dramatic, haha. Then Nurse BB pulled stick out of the hugemongous tank that had one little tinnnnny, half a cc vial of future human. I would say that this is when it "got real", but pretty much every minutes since it's been getting more and more real. Anyway, we went through all the information checking with the vial and then she told us to go hang out in the coffee shop and "just relax" for the next 20 or so minutes... ya... I'll try that.

While we were there we had some fun with our camera, lol.


(Hubby wants me to say he doesn't think this picture is good of him, and he's not happy about it being here)


and my fave...


After our little adventure in coffee land we headed back upstairs to the RE's office. This is when I really started getting nervous, and when they called us back to the room, I starting The funniest part of the IUI was definitely the doctor asking is Hubby wanted to push the syringe of semen into the catheter... he politely passed on that opportunity. The IUI was easy peasy, I barely felt the catheter, and the whole thing took all of 4 minutes. So, as of 9:51am this morning, I have been inseminated.

The rest of the day has been... slow. I am already hating the tww and I am not even a day into it!! Ahhh! But I'm trying to stay hopeful, but it's hard. I'm trying to think positive thoughts, but those nagging little negative ones keep sneaking in. I've definitely been having ovulation pains today, which makes me super happy, and I'm hoping hoping hoping that those little spermies are finding at least one of those eggs!!

Right now I'm just impatiently waiting... and trying not to stare at the evidence of the insemination that I was able to keep...


oh... p.s. that little vial held well over 25 million lovely sperm, with good motility :D

Wish me luck!

Bye Lovelies!

Thursday, August 27, 2009


Okay, so I'd totally be lying if I said I wasn't at all excited, but honestly, I've been doing pretty good so far about not getting my hopes up.
I feel like I have good chances... what with a possible 4 eggs being released, and our donor having super good sperm (hahaha, such weird things become normal to say when dealing with infertility). Anyway, I'm trying to keep positive thoughts, and I appreciate all of my friends who have been telling me that even if I'm being pessimistic, they'll be optimistic for me (I love you guys)

So, last night... the shot, super easy! I did record the entire thing on my webcam, but it didn't really pick up my audio, so I am going to narrate over it. In the meantime, here are some pictures!!!! Aren't you lucky!




I've decided to add something new to the blog this week.

This might eventually become a game, but right now it's just starting out with me.

So, Infertility Jeopardy Round 1
Let's choose Pictures, for about $750...


hmmmm... okay, I'm ready to answer.

What is.... something I never thought I'd have in my house...

Bye Lovelies <3

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

What Can I Say... I'm An Overachiever

So, I went in for my CD10 u/s this morning... wishing, hoping, and PRAYING that I had at least one follie (for my non IFey friends, that's where the egg will eventually come out of), and low and behold... I'm just a darn overahiever!

4 FOLLIES!!! Holy crapola! In reality I only, probably, have 3 that will release eggs, which is good, since technically if there are more than three they are supposed to cancel the cycle. But there they were, two 17mm follies on one side, one 17mm and one 15mm on the other side. I'm stoked, but nervous... I don't want quads, lol, or even triplets (don't get me wrong I'd take them!).

So, what does this mean? Well, first it means I will take my HCG trigger shot tonight!! Whoodeee whoooo! I'm not nervous at now... why you ask? Oh, because today after my short "injection class" at the hospital I had to give myself a practice shot. It was super easy and not painful at all!! The Husband is still going to record me doing the step by step tonight, which he's weirded out by, but tooooo bad!
So, trigger shot tonight, and then FRIDAY at 8:30am I have my IUI!!! AHHHH HOLY CRAP!!! Is this really happening?? Finally?! Pinch me please! Owww. After that it's just the normal, craptastic, two week wait... fun.

Other than that I will say that I am mildly weired out that from where I am sitting I can see the tank that holds our potential future children. When we got the tank I just stared at it, Hubs said "did this just get real?". We are both excited, anxious, scared, and a million other emotions.

I can't wait for the next step of the adventure to begin, and although I know that it might not work this time, I have a good feeling about it, and Hubs and I are just happy that we finally have a chance!

I'll finish off with some pictures that the Husband was super uncomfy about taking, hhaha...



Bye Lovelies!!

oh!! hopefully I'll get that video up tomorrow!

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

CD9 Theee Fiiiiiinaaalll Countdowwwwnnnn

So, today is CD9, and my emotions are taking over. Not sure if it's the clomid (I def blame the breast pain, hot flashes, and ovary pain on that) or what, but man! my emotions are on overdrive!!

Tomorrow I go in for my CD10 ultrasound, and hopefully all will go well. I am hoping to have 2 or 3 follies that are all ready to release good, healthy eggs. I know that I am not supposed to want more than one, but I just want high chances!!

If all goes well tomorrow I will either be giving myself my trigger shot tomorrow or on Thursday. I am totally nervous about it, but have vowed that I will do it by myself, and am making Pat record it so that I can post it here!!! Aren't you guys lucky?? You'll get to see me be a total nervous wreck, almost live!!

So, that's what's going on. I will try and post tomorrow, although the next couple days will be a bit crazy, for some reason I thought it was smart to schedule an observation at school on Thursday... how very wise of me.

Well, wish me luck, wish me follies, send me baby dust! The final countdown has begun!!

Bye Lovelies!

Friday, August 21, 2009

Day 3 of Clomid...

Hello hot flashes!!

HOT FLASHES Pictures, Images and Photos

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

The Best Laid Plans of Infertiles

So, yea... it's been a while, I know.

What's been going on? So very much.

First, we'll get this outta the way because no one cares about this part, lol. School started. Woo Hoo. Back with a new class of awesome 5th graders. I never, ever thought I'd love 5th grade, but now I find myself hoping that that's where I'll get placed once student teaching is done. The first week of school is crazy, but it was fun. I am already ready to be done in November :D

Okay, on the fertility side of things.

1) I thought I got our insurance cancelled. I freaked! If you are one of the people I talk to outside of this blog, you know that "freaked" is probably an understatment. I didn't notice it until Friday evening, and had to spend the whole weekend having mini panic attacks. I called Monday, they said my mistake was "no big deal". I wanted to say WELL THEN WHY, ON MY STATEMENT, DOES IT SAY IT IS A BIG DEAL... WHY ARE THE WORDS PERMANENT CANCELLATION USED!! DON'T YOU KNOW I'M INFERTILE!?!? AF IS ABOUT TO ARRIVE, I NEED THIS INSURANCE!" Anyway, I didn't. I just said okay.

2) Yesterday was CD1!!! YAY!!! This is going to be the first month Hubby and I actually have a shot at this whole pregnancy thing!! Sidenote: I was so horribly ill yesterday, I guess it was food poisoning that just didn't set in for a while, Hubby and our friends had it also, and we are all better now, so I guess that's what it was. So, I still had to go in for my CD1 ultrasound and stuff even though I was dying of sickness, but the RE's office was great and I was in and out of there within 15 minutes.

3) The Plan: Here is what this cycle will look like
CD2 (today) - I have to go in for some bloodwork and pick up my prescriptions
CD3-7 - 50mg of Clomid each night
CD10 - another ultrasound
CD11 - HCG trigger shot
CD12 - (August 28th!!) IUI!!!
CD13-AF showing/1st Trimester - 200mg prometrium (progesterone) vaginally a day

I need to call the Cryobank and get the donor sperm here by the 25th so that I can take it into the office with me on the 26th (my CD10 appt).
So, that's it... that's what this cycle looks like for me. It's funny how my non IF friends keep saying how "crazy" this regimen is, and all my IF friends keep saying how easy I have it, lol. Which I know I do, clomid and a trigger shot is nothing compared to what some of my lovely ladies have to go through each month.

Other than that the only thing coming up is a trip to New Jersey. The husband is none to happy since this trip takes place a couple days after the IUI, and he apparently thinks I should be on immediate bedrest after the procedure. I am hoping it makes the tww go by fast! The day I get back I'll be on CD10 I believe, so then I'll only have a few more days of waiting to see if we start the process again, or if I am finally preggers!! Also while I'm in New Jersey I think I'll have the chance to make a quick side trip and visit my good friend Kate :D I'm super excited about that, although it'll prob be a huge cry-fest lol.

Well, that's what's going on with me, lol. Sorry if my writing is more rambly than usual, I am still in sickness hangover.

Bye Lovelies :D

My Aunt Jane Knows More Than My RE ----- I stole this from C :D

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