Tuesday, May 17, 2011

It's a...


I know... World. Shocked.
I didn't really feel like I felt one way or the other but even I was surprised lol!
SO VERY HAPPY AND EXCITED of course, but surprised.

It was so very amazing to see the little dude (hehee) squirming around in there, and seeing and then feeling him kicking me when he didn't like being prodded for 25 minutes. I'll put pictures up sometime soonish, but since our scanner is not connected, it's quite the process at the moment.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

19 Weeks... say what!?!

So, yet again I've waited a month in between blog posts. Bad me! So, what's going on? Here is a short update:

1) My belly at 18 weeks... I haven't taken a pic this week.

There is definitely something happening in there! Speaking of which...

2)Baby Movement! All the time! I started getting the little flutters around 17 weeks, and in the last week there have been some definite kicks, some of which can be seen and felt outside my tummy. So strange, but so so amazing!!

3) BABY PICTURE!! It's from our 16 week (surprise) ultrasound. Sometimes it's really good to know people who work at the hospital!


SO AMAZING to see the little babe-a-roo wiggling around in there. The doc took a long time looking at the baby... we got to see it's little fingers and toes and it's little alien looking face :)
The doc tried to see the gender, but baby was not being cooperative! She did see enough to make a tentative guess, but I don't want to give that away yet!
I'm posting a poll on the side to see what you guys think

4) Our anatomy scan is ONE WEEK FROM TODAY!! Ahhh!!! So exciting! Of course I'm nervous, but mostly just excited, and PRAYING that baby will be cooperative so I can start buying stuff :) If it's a girl, the first stop after the doc's will be to Targ.et, where there are outfits I already have to buy!

lastly, and this one is mostly just funny
5) I told my class of 6th graders that I was going to have a baby... and by told I mean they all knew, and finally confronted me about it hahaha. They are much more observant that I thought, even sighting how I had "lots of doctors appointments, but didn't seem sick". They have been very cute about the whole thing, and ask me questions about it all the time. AND they are always offering to carry stuff for me, can't beat that!

Hope everyone is well!! Take a look at the poll, and make your guess!

My Aunt Jane Knows More Than My RE ----- I stole this from C :D

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