Tuesday, March 29, 2011

13 weeks

I totally skipped a week. Mostly because nothing exciting was happening. Not that anything is happening now, but I want to keep up on the updates :)

Since my last update I had my first, no RE's office, OBGYN appt! During this appointment I almost committed murder. Why? Because I was told I was getting an ultrasound, and then when I got there, I didn't get one. Apparently the person who told me I was getting one didn't realize I had had one before leaving the RE. So... they had the u/s machine in the room...and then took it out. Cue the rage. Actually, I held it together well, I didn't even cry. I just thought lots of angry thoughts.

We did get to hear the heartbeat, which was really nice. And the doc said everything was going really well :)
I'm still REALLLLLY nervous, but am starting to actually feel like this could be really REAL. AHHHH!!
Today I even made it real enough to buy a couple pairs of maternity pants. Not that I am showing a bunch, but my pants no longer button comfortably... most don't button at all. I am definitely going to be wearing the capri pants that I got though. They are allll kinds of comfy.

As far as symptoms, most of them are really mild at this point. What is sticking around, and maybe even getting worse, is the fatigue. I feel like I never really wake up fully... but then again it could also be because I don't really sleep at night. Sleep, in fact, has been horrible at best. Not sure if that is from pregnancy, stress, or some other health things I've got going on...
I have random quick bouts of nausea, but nothing major at all. I'm emotional, which is probably the one that the Husband notices the most... poor guy.
That's really it, other than some lingering boob pain, lol.

I'll leave you with my first belly pic. Today was the first time I've had the courage to take one.



Tuesday, March 15, 2011

11 Weeks

These posts are getting more and more boring. So much so that I skipped a WEEK!! Great, I'll have nothing to remember 10 weeks, haha.

So, like I was saying. Nothing is really new. Same symptoms, same fears, same insane countdown until the 21st, which is only 6 days away!!!

I'm terrified. Beyond terrified... I keep thinking that something will go horribly wrong at the ultrasound. I have no real reason to think that, but I think it's impossible not to.

I will definitely post next week... hopefully with some new pictures of the tiny fetus that seems to be getting to all the food that I eat before I do, leaving me constantly starving.

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

9 weeks

These are going to be some boring posts for a while. Sorry.

Nothing new and exciting is happening. I'm just going along, trying to keep positive. It's really hard. I want to be happy and sure about this pregnancy, but mostly I'm just depressed. I'm really hoping that things will change one I'm out of my first trimester. My first trimester which, by the way, seems like it's 10000000 weeks long rather than just 12 (or 14 depending on what you are going by).

As far as symptoms...
-Nausea, mainly in the evenings, or when I let myself get too hungry
-CRAZY vivid dreams!! Like super real and mega crazy. Things like leading a tribe of people away from a volcano, or riding a giraffe though a field of foam shapes. Sometimes very realistic also, but mostly just strange.
-Headaches... I'm prone to these anyway, so I'm not sure that this is just pregnancy
-Fatigue. Can I just sleep all the time???
-Emotions. Embarrassing crazy emotions... Crying for 20 minutes after yelling for 10 minutes at my husband for stupid stuff. Poor guy.
-Restless Legs. Not bad, but another thing I've had issues with before. I haven't had too bad of a problem with it over the last year... until the last couple of weeks. Not sure whether it's the pregnancy, or the nervousness that comes with it.
- Shortness of breath/awareness of breath. This is a weird one. I guess I've heard of it in early pregnancy. When I'm laying down I feel this the most. Suddenly it feels like breathing through my nose isn't enough. I almost HAVE to breath through my mouth to feel like I'm getting enough air. It's not scary, just interesting.
-Sore boobs. Real sore. Nuff said.

Other than all that fun stuff, I'm just going crazy waiting for my ultrasound which isn't until the 21st!!! ahhhh!!! I'll also be 12 weeks then, so that'll be milestones of all kinds :)

Oh... and someone who is "in the know" told me I looked like I was "starting to show" today. No no... I'm just getting fat. Thanks.

My Aunt Jane Knows More Than My RE ----- I stole this from C :D

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