Saturday, September 24, 2011

Oh Em Gee

I remember a few months ago talking to a friend and saying "wow, I am in the 100 day count down to this baby!" and her response was "wait until you are in the 10 day countdown!" Guess what!?!? That is where I am today! 10 days until my little guy is due. Now, I know that he could come anytime at this point (please Lord, after all we've been through, get this baby here ASAP) or it could be a couple weeks past that date (in which case I will probably totally lose my mind). But in general it is just totally UNREAL! After nearly 3 and half years, we am less than two weeks away from becoming a family of 3... it blows my mind. I had my 38 week appointment last Tuesday, and was really hoping for some good news from my pelvic exam... even though I know at this point that dilation and effacement can stay the same for weeks. I was really hoping to be at least a couple cm dilated, which didn't happen. I'm only at 1cm. But, I was 60% effaced. So, although it's not crazy progressed, it's at least a start. I will say that I still have quite a bit of anxiety. As excited as I am, and as much as I have no reason to think that anything is wrong... I still worry. I worry that something horrible will happen to him in the next couple of weeks. That's part of the reason that I just want him here NOW!! Even though I know that just starts a whole new kind of worrying. I am trying not to stress too much, but man, after waiting SO long, it's hard to not be constantly nervous. I don't have too much else to update. I'm really uncomfy, but that's to be expected with only a WEEK AND HALF LEFT!! AHHHH!! I'll leave you with a picture :)


  1. Amazing! Is it just me or did that FLY by?!? Probably just me :)

    Is that picture of you? It's beautiful. Drake...LOVE that name!

    You are going to do great, and everything will be

    I still keep you in my prayers!

  2. Can't wait to see him! And then once you have recovered, you have to visit your family over here on the other coast ;)

  3. Hey congratulations to all of you! You look great. Now evict that little parasite so we can see him!!


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