Monday, February 14, 2011


Our little Pumpkin Seed!

I think I can finally breathe... a little.

This was definitely the best Valentine's Day gift I could ever have hoped for.
I am measuring at 6w6d, which is exactly what I am supposed to be. We got to hear the little sprout's heartbeat, which was cruising along at 126.

I know we still aren't out of the woods. It's early. I know this is still a touch and go time... but at least we've got some more hope.

I signed up for my prenatal class, and now I need to choose and OBGYN.

OH... and my estimated due date is October 4th... Yay for all the holidays falling during maternity leave!!

I'll update more soon.


  1. Yeee Haw! Whoopee and a very Happy Valentines Day to you two!

  2. Love that little pumpkin seed already!


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