Monday, April 20, 2009

How Would You Feel About Having Them All At Once?

Oh, gosh... I am the worst at blogging lol...
My plan was to update every time we got a new test result, and alas, I have failed horribly. We have had quite a few tests, but today got a somewhat real type of answer, or at least a narrowing down of options. Soooo here we go...

Husband went in for his blood work and everything was a-okay. I wasn't ever really thinking that was going to be a prob since he started growing a beard at 10. His FSH (follicle stimulating hormone) is at a good level, which indicates that his body should be producing sperm. That made us happy. Moving on...

Husband had his ultrasound (his balltrasound) and that went well. He does have cysts on his epididymus which is apparently pretty common, and they don't think that is the reason for the blockage. His testes otherwise looked good (another good sign that he is producing).

Now on to the real fun. We went to see the Urologist today... I can think of no other name for this guy than Dr.Goofy-Guy (I may shorten this to Dr.GG soon, as he may be a fixture in our lives for the next few years). Anyway...we go in and are chatting about the regular questions, the tests we've done and whatnot, and then he asks "how many kids are you guys planning on having?" We answered "oh, 2 or 3, we really aren't sure".....his response, and the point where I knew it wasnt going to be great news.... "how would you like to have them all at once?" ya... suddenly I could only remember 3 letters of the alphabet. I.V.F.... not exactly what we were hoping for.

So, long story short of this appointment, because wowzers I am tired.

The Dr.GG says IVF is our mostly likely option, going off the fact that he thinks Husband is producing. We'll know that for sure after his biopsy on Friday (poor Husband), well, probably on Monday, not directly after.

So, with all that being said, I'm handling things pretty darn well, and so is Husband. We know we'll be parents someday, even if it's not the way we planned it to be, and I guess that's all we really need to know. We've been able to joke about things a bit...ex.
Husband: We need to buy a new truck
Me: We need to buy a baby
That kind of general malarky.
I know we'll be alright, it's just hard, anyone going through this knows how crappy it is to see pregnant women everywhere you go, or to see a pregnant woman smoking, or to hear about a teenage friend or relative who got pregnant "accidentally" (btw... I don't believe in accidental'll prob here me complain about this more in the future). We're dealing, moving forward and looking at our options, weighing them out, trying to decide what we want and when we want it (What do you want? A BABY! When do you want it? Now!). Things are moving along though...the waits are killer, but friends (extra thanks to #1 and #3, you know who you are, we love you guys) and work help to pass the time.
I'll try and be better about updating, promise :D

While trying to find a picture for this blog I came across this... again, trying to end this on a somewhat funny note...this picture weirded me out.
Does this mean that Husband wants to be a naked pregnant woman??? Not sure... you be the judge...

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  1. it. Glad things are looking good (as far as good can go anyway) on the producing front. Good luck with the biopsy!


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