Tuesday, August 30, 2011

3 Weeks Left

So... I started writing this post over 2 weeks ago!! I am such a blog failure right now. I'm unmotivated about pretty much everything. I'm keeping most of what I had previously written, so... when I apologized for not writing, really I'm double apologizing for then and now :)


Oh my goodness! Sorry I haven't been writing more frequently, but I'm definitely getting to the point where I am pretty unmotivated to do anything.
The phase where I loved pregnancy and had the glow is officially over. Now I'm just huge and uncomfy. Don't get me wrong, I'm still happy and feel SO incredibly blessed and excited to be getting close to meeting this little monster... but wow... pregnancy at this point is just yucky. I do think my body will be partially trained to run on exhaustion by time Drake arrives, because at this point if I get one and half hours of uninterrupted sleep at any given point, I am lucky.

On a more positive note, I had two AMAZING baby showers!! I am so so so grateful for all the friends and family that showed up (and those who didn't) to support the Husband and I. The first shower was thrown by one of my bff's and my mom and was terrific! The other was thrown by a couple of Husband's cousins, and was also amazing. I can not believe all the thoughtful gifts that we received. It's easy to see that Drake is already very loved :D

I can't say that too much else is going on. I've been semi-nesting lol. Basically I'll get short bursts of energy to do tons of stuff, and then I just want to sleep. Or, I'll get a huge burst of cleaning/organizing energy and work all day and into the night on stuff... and then barf because I've totally overdone it...yuck.

We have started our childbirth classes which are pretty much exactly what I thought they would be. Our last one is on the 22nd. I'm secretly hoping that Drake arrives before then, but I'm sure that's wishful thinking.

I'm still plugging away at my Masters work, and hoping over the next week that I can get a few weeks of work in, so that I'm not worrying about that too much right when Drake arrives. Luckily my professors are really cool and I'm sure they'll be fine with me taking some extensions.

Otherwise things are just moving along... slowly. We have everything we need to take care of this little dude. We are excited and anxious beyond all belief. At this point I'm not too "worried" or "scared" (people keep asking me) about labor... because obviously it's not going to be pleasant, but what it will be is the end of a 3 year journey to hold this little miracle in our arms.

Can the next three weeks please go by super fast...

(p.s. I'm not even entertaining the thought that I'll go past due lol)

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