Tuesday, January 5, 2010

New Years Resolutions and Delurking!

Hi Lovelies!

First, I am going to make a quick mention to the fact that this is National Delurking Week. I myself am really bad about reading blogs and never commenting them or choosing to follow them, but still reading them all the time. So, if you are out there, and you sometimes read this blog, leave a comment, even if it's just to say hi :D Happy Delurking!!

So, I decided I would write down some resolutions on here... not that that means I'll keep them, but I think that since I am my blog's biggest fan, I'll at least see them often enough to maybe want to try for them.

1. To lose 25 pounds - I figured I'd start with the one that I am least likely to follow through on. I always want to lose weight, although I guess I've been told by more than one person that if I REALLY wanted it, I would do it. Well, I'm starting off right. I got a Wii Fit Plus from my mom for Christmas, and have really been making an effort to do it each day. I have also been adding a 2 mile walk with the dogs in each day, and changing my eating habit, so we'll see how it goes. I'm hopeful!!

2. Read 25 books - Really I should be able to do more than this, especially since I've already gotten through 2 this year. But it seemed like a good place to start.

3. Take my GRE's and apply for a Masters Program - This is just something I know I need to do. Right now I'm not working full time, so there is no better time to get ready for some awesome standardized testing, right? I can't decide what I want to get my Masters in, so... that'll probably be the bigger decision. I'm thinking as a reading specialist, or something to do with English learners.

4. Get (and stay) pregnant (for 9 months... then bring home a baby) - Sorry, just had to sneak that one in there...

5. Get myself back to church- I am going to start attending a "healing" group this week, and am really hoping it gets me back into a comfy relationship with God.

6. Be an infertility awareness advocate- Not just for me, but for people in general. I am actually not totally sure how to do this, lol, but I've got some ideas. I am going to start going to a support group that RESOLVE offers, and I am going to try and be more diligent about writing on this blog and on my Fertility Authority blog, and I am also planning on volunteering some time for RESOLVE. Those should get me started.

Lucky Number 7: Start my book... yea, I know, crazy... but hey, what is life if not crazy? More to come on this later... this post is getting wayyyy to long.

Wow... can I just say that I love the movie Baby Mama... even though it deals with pregnancy and babies... it also deals a hell of a lot with infertility...
One of my favorite lines "these hormone injections make me wanna punch you in the face right now"... oh Tina Fey!

So, that's the deal. That's my deal. Yay 2010!! Let's do this!!!


  1. Wow, Fantastic list. I think you can do it all!!!And I'll do my best to help you in any way.

  2. Okay, I admit it, I'm lurking :) I'm a mom by dIUI (my hubby also has azoospermia) and I've been rooting for you.

    - Emily (ultimatejourney at gmail dot com)

  3. Love de-lurking week! Go for your goals, Tori!
    Laurie (fertilityauthority.com)

  4. Thanks for commenting on my blog. I'm so glad you found it as now I have another blog I follow!!! I love reading other peoples stories, and relating. I wish good luck to you and your and your husband, and I will be along for the ride!!

  5. Tori - Thanks for joining us at 20 Something Bloggers! I wanted to drop in and welcome you on behalf of Lisa, myself, and rest of the team behind the scenes. You're our 10,000 member, which makes us all very, very excited!! We hope you enjoy, and feel free to hit us up with any questions:)


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