Monday, March 30, 2009

Umm, Can I Just Say...

Never in my life have I had as many health problems as I've had in the last week!!!
So, taking out the fact that my body hates me in new ways every cycle, we'll skip all the lovely lady stuff, and get down to the other annoying, gnarly crap.
Last Saturday - Hemorrhoid! holy crap, external...painful!!
Yesterday - Thought I was dying of allergies, which leads me to today...
Today! Not dying of allergies, but do have some crazy throat thing going on that both my mom (who is an RN) and aunt described as "hideous" and wanted me to get an appointment asap! (tomorrow at 10:30am, blah)
AND... I seem to be having back spasms?? I don't know... I've never had them, but all day I have had crazy pain in my back, like enough that I want to down some vicodin, but oh! I'm in my tww, no such luck.

I used to never go to the doctors, and I have been like 4 times in the last week!! wth body!! Can't you just give it a rest!!

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  1. You'll be feeling better soon! And you guys really are like the cutest freaking couple ever. lol.


My Aunt Jane Knows More Than My RE ----- I stole this from C :D

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