Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Umm Duh.

I pretty much forgot to mention the highlight of the past week.

Last week while I was in New Jersey I got to make a little side trip to see my good friend Kate!!!

Kate is one of the IF girls that has kept me sane for the last year and a half. She's one of my every day talk to-ers. I'd probably have gone totally crazy, and spent $1000 on wasted pregnancy tests without her there to keep me positive, and keep me from testing at 2dpo :D


Oh, on the same subject. The planning for this trip totally made me feel like a fifteen year old. Do you remember how that was? I felt like I was right on the edge of having my independence, but my mom still wanted to "keep an eye on me". For one, I was forbidden to drive the car. Hi... I'm 23, married, and maybe pregnant... I just completed around of semi-intense fertility treatments. Anyway, once I got there it was also a bit like this, as my mom and Kate met, we ate lunch, and then I was given like 3 hours to hang out with my friend. It was quite the experience in humiliation.

On the upside, Kate and I had a great time trucking around on water taxis, looking at old homes we wish we could purchase, and sweating our butts off until we stopped and ate some delicious gelato. Oh, well, the gelato came 2 hours after a fabulous seafood lunch, and an hour before the fudge... it was a bit of a food adventure which is fine. by. me.

Thanks Kate for showing me around, and just being awesome in general!

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