Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Updatey Update

Today I am 12dpo, yippee!!

I was out of state for the last week, so I didn't post, even though I thought about it quite a lot, and actually wrote a really long entry that I'll post here in a couple of days.

So, everything is going fine I guess, lol.

I would say that I've had pregnancy symptoms, but any symptom I think I may have had, or may be having is easily explained away by the crazy dose of progesterone I've been on since 48 hours after the IUI.

On the subject of the progesterone... it sucks. That's pretty much all I can say about it, haha. It's the worst part of the cycle by far (unless I get a negative blood test, then that'll be the worst). Why is it so bad you ask? Oh, because I am putting these oral pills...well, not in my mouth, I'll tell you that much. Twice a day I put one of these lovely yellow pills as close to the possible fetus as it can get... if you get my drift. My body actually seems to be absorbing quite a bit of this lovely little, side effect riddled, hormone. The rest it just spits back out...awesome.

So, these two days, Wednesday and Thursday, are the tough ones. The ones where I am going crazy about finding out if our $800 investment paid off, or if I'll be looking forward to the whole crazy experience again.

I don't really have too much else to say, except that of the many crazy things I've started doing to up my chances this cycle, I'd have to say that holding my laptop down by my knees as to not overheat the possible baby is the craziest, and the one that's hurting my arms the most.

Bye Lovelies.

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  1. Oh the Progesterone is a awful! I hope, hope, hope you have to stay on it a little bit longer though ;-)


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