Monday, November 9, 2009

The Only Thing To Be Said Is...

Holy Crap!! This has been the most emotional 6 days of my life!!!

Let me take you back to Wednesday. I slept like crap on Tuesday night, so I woke up in the morning and tested...which I am normally so against...

lo' and behold


Cue the overwhelming happiness! I was shocked and excited. I silently screamed for about 5 minutes, then I told the Husband. He too was very excited.

Next step, my 14dpo beta, on Thursday


Cue the total freak out!! AHHHHH! Lovely high number!

This is where it gets crazy. I went in on Saturday for my 16dpo beta. They of course were backed up at the lab so I didn't get the results until last night.


:( That was the worst thing I had ever heard... why would that happen??
That is just adding insult to injury. A miscarriage to infertility. Why? And why did we tell our parents before the second beta. I wanted to kick myself.

Today I went in for another beta. I spent most of the day between feeling numb and crying. Husband was destroyed. We were so confused.

Today's beta... 360


Now we are still just confused.... 371, 310, 360...

I don't know what's going on. I know there are a couple of options. I know we are not out of the woods. I will most likely have another beta on Wednesday.

I want to be happy about this. I want to know this will work out, but it's not starting out well. I am mentally preparing myself for a miscarriage, while still hoping and praying that things will work out and that in 8 months we will be parents.

I will update you (and by you I mean the literal one person who reads this... even though I talk to you every day anyway) when I know more.

LOL... ohhhh life... ohhhh infertility... ohhhh insanity.

Word of the day:

Infersanity: /n/ The insanity brought on by infertility. Tori was suffering from a severe case of infersanity


  1. I have not yet gotten to the point of understanding what the beta numbers are...but I really really hope the best for you! Numbers going up is good, right?

    Good thoughts and prayers!!!

  2. I am reading :) and what a ride you on on right now....could it be there were more than one implant and then only one stuck? I am going to pray that is the case :)
    sending you a hug and prayers!

  3. Tori, I do not know what to say. I'm honestly optimistic because a number in the 300's is fantastic. But the yoyo throws me. And I don't want to blow sunshine if it's not wanted...

    I think I agree with Dawn, that it might be a vanishing twin scenario.

    I don't have a whole lot of advice, but please know I'll be thinking of you, and praying for you.


  4. See Tori? There are more people than just me that read!!! :)


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