Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Back in the Saddle

And by saddle, I mean stirrups.

I went in for my saline sonogram today, and as suspected it was all clear... yay me. I'm not really mad that I had to redo it... Lord knows I'd hate to get started and then find out something was wrong, but wow... I hate that procedure. I had it done last year, and yup... still uncomfy. I CAN NOT relax while I'm on the table, I shake from straining my muscles, and by time I leave I'm sore, even if the whole ordeal wasn't painful. It's ridiculous.

I had to get a blood test done (redone) that the RE forgot about last time. Forgetting stuff is pretty common for him...

BUT, I did find out that I'll be cycling with the NP there, who I love :) We were supposed to meet today to go over our plan, but she wasn't able to. I was fine with that since the only real discussion will be about the meds. She sent me an email about everything though, which I thought was nice of her since we couldn't meet.

Overall, I am really happy to be back at Kaiser and getting ready to cycle. I'm comfy with them, and they've gotten me pregnant before. The Husband is comfy with them, which is really important to me too.

In other news....
*I am done with the first semester of my Masters program!! Woo Hoo!! Even though it's a bit of a soul sucker, I'm reallllly glad I am doing it.

*This is my last week working full time with my AMAZING sixth grade class. Even though there are a lot of them, and they sure are full o' hormones, I love those kids, and will miss not seeing them every day. After winter break I'll be in there w-f each week. Bittersweet. We'll see how it goes.

*I have been reading a ton lately, and need to update my reading goals. I read the Hunger Games trilogy...it was AWESOME! I highly suggest it. Now I am reading The White Queen by Phillipa Gregory, it's also really good. It's for book club... the bood club where I've only managed to get through one book on time, haha. Mostly it's just a time-to-hang-out-with-good-friends club, which is fine by me.

*Also, not real thrilled about the holidays... everyone dealing with IF knows why. I'm trying, and I am SUPER excited about getting a Kindle... hopefully. But, I'm not really in the spirit, and the Christmas cards of friends with babies are pouring in.

All my IFers... I love you guys. Be strong this holiday season. Our time will come :)

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  1. Love you, Tori! Can't wait to hear all about the cycle while it's going on, and hopefully leading to that sticky BFP. Oh, and feel free to block me on FB if Griffin's pics and my updates are too much - I totally understand and won't be mad.


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