Wednesday, December 1, 2010


I should have known that I would not waltz into my RE's office and expect them to say "sure, as soon as AF shows, we'll start your cycle!" Why did I even think that was possible, lol... because it's NOT.

So, here's the deal.
One, I have to get some tests repeated because it's been over a year since treatment. This includes a whole heck of a lot of blood work, and a saline sonogram (joy). I'll do the bloodwork on CD3, and the sono around CD10. So, no cycle this month :(
Two, my doctor doesn't want me to use Bravelle as my main medication because I have such a high risk of multiples. This is a really tough pill to swallow. If the last cycle we did (in Oct 2009) hadn't been successful, it'd be different, but it was. And it was successful using Bravelle, which makes the thought of NOT using it mildly terrifying, like we are destined to fail if we use anything else. The doc said he'd leave it up to me, and I still could use only Bravelle, but he's more comfy with me using Femara, with a possible Bravelle booster. SO frustrating, especially since an amazing lady from my IF support group offered me some Bravelle free of charge. Unless I either come to my senses, or get told I have no choice... well, you pretty much see where this is going.
Finally, the doc is confident that we'll be able to start cycling in Jan, but of course had to add the "no guarantees" in there.... Thanks for that.

So, unfortunately I won't be cycling during Christmas, which is what I really wanted. Boo! But, what can you do. We are getting closer at least... closer than when we had no insurance, no money and no hope.

Now I just have to pray that all my repeat bloodwork and my saline sono comes back good. Nothing like more stress, eh?


  1. :( Is the delay due to the saline sonogram? I've had one of those done back when we thought we could do ivf... Is it impossible to cycle the after that has been done? Boo.

  2. Dang Tori, I'm so sorry. I know how much you were looking forward to cycling this month.

    But hey, at least if you have to wait until next month it will put *our* due dates that much closer together... (just putting it out there)

    Hugs, friend.


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