Tuesday, August 25, 2009

CD9 Theee Fiiiiiinaaalll Countdowwwwnnnn

So, today is CD9, and my emotions are taking over. Not sure if it's the clomid (I def blame the breast pain, hot flashes, and ovary pain on that) or what, but man! my emotions are on overdrive!!

Tomorrow I go in for my CD10 ultrasound, and hopefully all will go well. I am hoping to have 2 or 3 follies that are all ready to release good, healthy eggs. I know that I am not supposed to want more than one, but I just want high chances!!

If all goes well tomorrow I will either be giving myself my trigger shot tomorrow or on Thursday. I am totally nervous about it, but have vowed that I will do it by myself, and am making Pat record it so that I can post it here!!! Aren't you guys lucky?? You'll get to see me be a total nervous wreck, almost live!!

So, that's what's going on. I will try and post tomorrow, although the next couple days will be a bit crazy, for some reason I thought it was smart to schedule an observation at school on Thursday... how very wise of me.

Well, wish me luck, wish me follies, send me baby dust! The final countdown has begun!!

Bye Lovelies!


  1. SO SO SO SO very excited for you!!! I'm crossing my fingers and toes and saying lots of prayers for you both!!! Take lots of deep breaths :) LOVE YOU GUYS!

  2. You are, as always in my prayers! There are children that need to be in your home, so it WILL happen. Morning sickness, swollen ankles, etc are going to be on your list of experiences. Keep the faith. Love you both more than you know!


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