Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Of SA's, AF's, CDs and Balltrasounds

Alright, I'm back!

After a week of feeling like total death, and not wanting to get out of bed, I have decided that I need to just stay positive about all this sh*t that is currently happening.

The Husband went in for his follow-up SA today. The results were supposed to take two weeks (in a normal situation) to get back, but as we suspected there was nothing in the semen to analyze, and thus we got the results this afternoon.

Our actual RE called us, we were out, and when we came home and I heard the message I knew it obviously wasn't going to be great news. We called back, he was with a patient, and the receptionist said he'd call back, he didn't call back in an hour... we called again, lol. And he was available!
As the phone rang Husband looked at me and said "no matter what they say, things will work out, we're in this together"... I felt instantly better about everything.

Dr. DBD (this is what I will call him, it stands for "Don't Be Discouraged", which is something he said to us about 10 times in our 4 minutes conversation) confirmed that indeed Husbands's sperm count is zero... "not a single sperm" he told us in his thick Indian accent. He is sending Husband to an Urologist who specializes in Male Factor Infertility. Before he goes in for this (the 20th...yay waiting) he is going to have blood work done, to check his hormone levels, and a testicular ultrasound (henceforth to be referred to as a balltrasound haha). Then he'll see this specialist who will most likely do a lot of poking and proding...this is Husbands payback for saying he wouldn't have to do anything uncomfy...HA!

In Tori news... My period (to be referred to as AF...short for Aunt Flow...sorry, I have realized I talk in ttc code a lot of the time, and not everyone who reads this is ttc-ing) is just about here, and never have I been so ready for her to just show herself! Once I am on CD1 I can get ready for my bloodwork on CD3... Husband and I are going in for our respective bloodworks's that for "cute infertile" huh? His and Her's bloodwork. Our new joke about everything inferility is for Husband to say "we are in this together" and me to answer "present a united front!"... okay... it's not really a joke... we just say it to make ourselves feel better lol.
I'm trying to think if anything else is happening with

Well, okay... non ttc related (aka most of you will probably stop reading now)
I have to have a sigmoidoscopy on Friday. This is like a small colonoscopy, and is mostly for the 50+ category of people, and apparently also me...lucky. Luckily my doc prescribed me some meds for this experience, because as a friend's husband so eloquently put it "the emotional ramification of a butt-pedo are irreversable". Anywhooo, this means that starting tomorrow morning and until 4pm on Friday I will be loading myself full of laxitives and clear liquid (TMI, and I dont care! suffer with me!). Also, all this fun sickness and ttc stress has given me a huge cold sore! (I am woman, hear me bitch!)

And, further out of ttc and body stuff.... Husband may be getting a new job, we are in the early application part of this, but keep us in your thoughts/prayers/journals/blogs/hearts (hehe), because if we are going to need IVF we need some serious steady money!!

Let's end with a laugh!

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  1. Nicholas is cracking up at the "butt-pedo" comments...oh friend....haha...Good luck with the prep...and balltrasound, love it...

  2. I can't wait to hear how the balltrasound goes! Really, his reaction might just be priceless.

  3. I just came over here from Mel's Lost and Found. My husband also has azoospermia. Zero sperm is a really tough pill to swallow! My blog is PWP because after me made the decision to use donor sperm I felt we needed to have a little bit more privacy. If you have want to read my blog or have any questions about anything related to the diagnosis, how I felt, what we ultimately decided to do for treatment, etc. you can e-mail me at somewhatordinary at gmail dot com.

    Wishing you and your husband all the best and I'm adding you to my reader so I can keep up with how things go!

  4. You have to have a sense of humor when going through IF. Stopping by to say hello.


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