Sunday, April 26, 2009

Ug, I don't even want to write, mostly I just want to throw things...
We don't have any news, Husband had his biopsy Friday, and we'll be waiting "about a week" for the results...lovely.

I'm just having a hard time today. Nothing really set it off, although going to buy clothes and realizing how much weight I've gained since we started ttc didn't really help.

I guess we are just waiting...

I bought some books about IVF the other day off of Amazon, gotta love those used books. We also went to an IVF clinic and got a ton of information, so that was nice. Their statistics pretty much rock, and that was the high point of my friday, although, considering the day consisted of Husband being in pain, I guess it was mostly just the not sucky point of the day.

We really like Husband's Urologist, although we probably won't stay with Kaiser for our IVF cycles, if they ever happen. Yes, I know this post is all over the place, lol, I'm just writing as I think, and since I think all over the place this is the result. We've pretty much come to the realization that we'd be waiting until Dec or Jan for any real move towards IVF. It seems like forever but since Husband is still awaiting a job, I'm still in school, and the grants for IVF take quite a while to go through, I guess that's where we stand. That might be why things aren't so great today, that's a tough realization to come to considering I could have a 3 month old right now if we'd gotten pregnant right away. argggg....

So, again, skipping back to where I was before... the Urologist... Here is a montage of Husband's moods.


Poor Husband right? I really do feel bad for the guy, but not bad enough to let him not do the testing.

Also, we mighhhtttt be looking into a "procedure", and by "procedure" I mean a four hour ball surgery for Husband. It's a vasoepididymastomy, how bout that!? Impressed? It's really a reverse vasectomy, even though DH hasn't had one, lol...mind blown? Mine too. They think the problem is that Husband has some sort of breakage... I'm sure I've explained this. Anyway, we don't know if our insurance is going to cover it, and it only has a 40% chance of working...again, what lovely odds... but we are looking into it. Again, all of this is assuming Husband is producing, which have I said, we don't find our for A WEEK!!! stab me in the eye....

I don't really have anything else to right except that today sucks, and I hope tomorrow is better. I am going to go make brownies, which I'm sure will help with the weight gain right? uggg... I better just stop writing...


  1. I'm so glad you posted! I haven't seen you online so I've been wondering what the updates were and how you guys were doing. You've both been in my thoughts a ton! I'm totally routing for you guys!! Let me know what you need! and i'm still waiting to hear back from my endo sisters about the email i sent them. LOVES!

  2. Eat all the brownies you want! And send some my way!

  3. The waiting is so hard. We waited 9 months for our SUCKED, but now it's here. Hang in there...and eat more brownies...

    Mmmmmmhhh. Brownies.

    *note to self--buy brownie mix*


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