Friday, July 31, 2009


Oh the two week wait... I've not been missing that! Now I am right back into it.

I had my saline sonogram today (mild ouchies)! My tubes were clear, yay!!! the saline passed right through and it was cool to see the little bubbles cruisin' around in there. Also, while he was doing the exam I asked the RE if he was going to check my follies... he said that they normally didn't, and asked me when I normally ovulate (what cycle day). I told him it was normally around day 12 or 13, and that today was 11, so he said he'd check it out if he could get a clear view... and he did, of one side at least. I had one good 19.4mm follie!!! YAY!!! that's awesome. I'll probably still end up using Clomid, and then doing a HCG trigger to they know exactly when I'll O, which is fine with me. I'm just super excited that all looks well on my side. I was nervous that we'd be in that "lucky" 10% that both have fertility probs (that would be super lame! to say the least). Anyway... sorry if I'm not making sense, I just took a 7-9pm nap... very strange...

OH! I am going to have to make this blog private... I've been going back and forth on it, but my class at school is going to be having a blog. I'm already wondering what I'm going to do since when you sign in you have access to both... I'm not sure how I can make one hidden... we'll see... That won't be happening for a few more weeks though :D

Oh! but anyway (haha, wowzers at my line of thinking), we will be doing a cycle in AUGUST!!! HOLY CRAP!!! I'm so excited... now I'm just in the tww until my period starts and we get this all started! AHHHH!!!!


Bye Lovlies


  1. Woohoo!!!!!

    Oh, and just make a new email address for your school blog.

  2. YAY! I'm happy everything looks good.

    I would just make a new email... one for your school blog. GL!

  3. Tori, I am so glad things are going well. My mother-in-law told me that she found your blog through Andrew's cousin Amber. I hope you don't mind us tuning in our your life! Check us out anytime We had such a great time being with you guys! Good luck next month, you will be in our prayers!

  4. Hey girlie... k so you can totally have two blogs using one email. I have my endo blog as public and mine/Clints as private. Just go into the settings on each blog and then privacy... it'll let you switch it up however you like :) You'll still have access to both as soon as you log in!!

    Also... can NOT wait for August, so incredibly excited for you guys!! Lots of love!

  5. Tori, That is so crazy exciting!!! I cannot wait for your cycle this month!!!!


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